Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Cut out the Good Life extras!

Have you totally rethought your budget lately? Even WITH taking advantage of the offers at Champagne Living, does the Good Life seem to be out of touch? What things have you cut out of your budget that you'd normally be buying or using? Here are some EASY budget friendly cuts that you can make that may be be MAJOR in helping your feel like you're rich, but won't lighten up the Louis V.

Gym Membership - Spring is coming and it will be time to break out the walking/running shoes. Borrow work-out videos from your local library. It will be more fun to change your workout every week. Download FREE workout videos on your computer.

Mobile/Cell Phone - Gone are the days when these are just luxuries. There are ways to cut your expenses and STILL be connected. If you don't use your phone very often, consider switching to a pre-paid plan. My BFF HATES using her cell phone, yet she has one just for emergencies. How much does she pay? About $10- $15 every 3 months. If you're a HEAVY user, make certain that you have the best plan for your pocketbook.
Paying overages is a big NO NO when you're trying to live rich.

Manicure/Pedicure/Facial - I'm a big proponent of going to Beauty Schools for services. As a matter of fact, I have had a BETTER (more complete) mani/pedi at a nail school than at an overpriced salon. All services are usually done by senior students and there are teachers watching their every move. Call and find out WHEN they offer services to the public.

Hair Cut & Color - Offer up your locks as a hair model. Not only can you get a new "do" for FREE, but there are some pretty toney salons that need people for training nights. If you live in or near a MAJOR city, you might be in luck, as the TOP salons (think CREAM OF THE CROP) have REGULAR training nights. You can find the nights and numbers of some of them HERE.

It's still possible to live the Good Life without paying through the nose using some of these techniques.


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