Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rich Methods of Time vs. Money

Normally I like to write about how you can improve your life by expanding your world for less. But, there are some very important small steps that you can do to make your life a lot easier, leaving time and money available for experiences that are much more enriching.

Here is a list of little things that you can do to save time/money:

  • Direct Deposit your paycheck (or Social Security check, etc) - not only to you save the time that you LOSE standing in line at the bank, but you also have access to your money quicker.
  • Pay your bills via your online banking account. With stamps at .42 each, you'll be saving money as well time (and your bills will always be paid ON TIME if you schedule in advance).
  • Autopay your utilities. You can set this up via credit card and then pay your credit card from your online banking account. This is IDEAL if you get rewards points on your credit cards.
  • Check the consumer rating before purchasing high end appliances, etc. Reliability will save you money in the long run.
  • If you have a Hybrid car or carpool to work, get an HOV sticker. If you live in an area with HOV lanes on the highway, you won't get stuck in traffic.
  • Order gifts online, via Amazon.com or other online retailers. In most cases you'll save money not only on the purchase, but on the shipping as well (not to mention standing in line at the post office).
  • When shopping, cut down on the time it takes to find the BEST PRICE by using a service such as Beat My Price
  • Remember that it pays to buy in bulk when you find a sale, especially on things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper goods, etc. Not only will you save money, but there'll be no more running to Target for some dish detergent.
  • Use your crockpot more often. You'll save time, relieve the stress of having to rush home and make dinner PLUS there's less cleanup & you'll use less electricity.
  • Come and check Champagne Living daily to find new ways to Live the Life you've always dreamed of having without spending a fortune


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foamfan said...

During the holidays, I also found it to be a huge time-saver, to pick up books of stamps (those of us with the sweeping bug, still have somewhat of a stamp habit...) at the supermarket checkout. I've also ordered stamps online, but they do charge a small fee for orders.
But even the USPS site fee, still beats standing in endless lines of impatient folk in December!!

Zipporah said...

LOL - Yes, stamps at the supermarket (or Costco, Sam's, etc) are a HUGE timesaver)...too bad they don't sell postcards for us die hard snail mail sweepers.

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