Monday, January 12, 2009

Live Rich - Product Test Skin Care Products.

I'm sure that you've heard of those FABULOUS Swag Bags that are given out at Awards Shows in Hollywood and New York. Did you know that they even give them out at OTHER functions where the rich and celebrities tend to congregate?

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend the Kentucky Derby as a guest of Woodford Reserve Bourbon. I'll tell you all about THAT story another time. As you walk into to Churchill Downs there are VENDORS lined up on either side leading to the stairway to Millionaire's Row. As I walked through on my way to the paddock to get a closer look at some of the thoroughbreds I noticed that many of the vendors were giving away FREE swag bags. As a matter of fact TARGET was one of those vendors. I walked into the Target tent to see about ten vanities set up with cosmetics, each being manned by a make-up artist.

I went over and asked what they were doing. I was invited to sit down and a make-up artist freshened up my make-up and then gave me a Swag Bag of both trial sized and full sized cosmetics, hair supplies, etc. There were quite a few celebrities in the tent as well as other women who had come down from Millionaire Row just to get a touch up. There was NO CHARGE and the girls who were working made everyone feel welcome.

Here's an opportunity for YOU to get some FREE products from MAJOR SKIN CARE companies to try and then give your feedback on. You can even earn CASH in the process. I just learned of this company TODAY, so I can't give you any feedback about reliability, etc., but I wanted you to be able to get in on this ASAP -- so, I'm posting BEFORE trying it.

Here's what their website states:
Earn cash and free samples for your opinion on the latest skin-care products

The biggest names in skin care want to pay you cash to answer skin-care surveys and sample their new products, some of which cost hundreds of dollars in exclusive boutiques. Here are the facts about Beta Test Beauty:
  • We are an opinion research agency and don't want to sell you anything
  • We generally pay $10-50 per survey and give you free beauty products, no strings attached
  • We don't share your contact information with anyone
  • We never ask you for money, membership is totally free
  • You can decline any survey or quit whenever you want
I took the survey and signed up. It was VERY simple to do.

Beta Test Beauty


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VanessaHudgens said...

Before I used not to take care of my skin but lately I find that is sht important .but, as its known, quality skincare products are expensive. Thankfully, a friend has just discovered a cheap place!!!Here is the link:

foamfan said...

Thanks for letting us know about the Beta site; I'm going to sign up. It might be fun, as well as possibly get some small "funds" for the old piggy bank!!

Keely said...

Hey, they actually accept Canadians too (pretty sure most other companies are convinced we're a skinless bunch up here)! Thanks for the link!

Zipporah said...

You bet - because it's SKIN CARE and not just cosmetics they're also accepting MEN!!!!

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