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SHOPPING ~ Dressing chic

Classic...for Elle by luvdogz3 (BUSY!!)

Don't you just wish looking fabulous could be so much simpler than it seems? Are there days that you just stare blankly into your closet (that's filled to the seams) and you still have NOTHING to wear. OH & when you do find something to toss on, you just don't feel pulled together. You might just have TOO many options. I know, it sounds silly to hear someone say that you have TOO much to wear and that's what's making it so difficult.

One of my biggest passions revolves around spending time in France. Paris and Amboise being my two favorite places, and each feels like a second home to me. The first thing that you notice while observing both men and women on the streets is that they are ALL PULLED TOGETHER impeccably. How do they do it? Well, while shopping is always fun, you notice that the French buy high quality clothing and have a core wardrobe. You won't find people buying something simply because it's "on sale" (and that may be because sales are regulated by the government and there are only two major sale events a year). It's all about the fit, style & is it FLATTERING! You will see accessories on EVERYONE. Men, women and children all with scarves chicly wrapped around their necks just so.

So, how do you create that core wardrobe? First you must go through what you already own. Pick out your classic pieces, pieces that reflect you YOU are. You may notice that there is one color and style that you're comfortable in. I wear a lot of black, it's slenderizing and I never have to worry about what to put with it. But, for you it may be a rich chocolate brown or navy. I like classic, traditional clothing, probably because it stands the test of time, never goes out of style and I know that when I throw on a pair of black wool slacks and a cream turtleneck in the winter when I'm up north, that I'll look fabulous. All I'll need is a scarf, some gold hoops ands the perfect pair of shoes. You may be more comfortable in trendier more youthful clothes. Whatever your style's OWN IT. Don't lose sight of YOUR STYLE and what looks GREAT on your body when adding new pieces. When putting together your "new" wardrobe, make certain that everything goes with your CORE COLORS and STYLE.

Toss...yes, you heard me TOSS! Toss all of those pieces that no longer fit. Toss that bargain blouse that you picked up because it was on sale and you've never worn it (because it's really NOT YOU). Pare down your wardrobe to just a few basics. Make sure that they are pieces that you love. Lay out outfits on your bed and put them together, making certain that color, style and fabrics coordinate. Remember, if it doesn't go with your core pieces - then you guessed it...TOSS.

Make certain that it FITS. A well tailored pair of slacks or skirt that fit perfectly
does not have to be expensive. Frankly, I'd rather purchase a simple skirt at a discount store and spend a couple of dollars having it tailored (length, waist, etc), so that it's flattering. A "cheap" pair of pants can look RICH if they fit well and are perfectly tailored to your body.

OK, now this is a sore subject for a lot of us women....but, don't forge your UNDERGARMENTS!!!!!!! A poor fitting bra and panties can RUIN the look of just about ANY OUTFIT. I'd rather spend money on a pair of Spanx and a great fitting bra that gives a smooth look under a simple white t-shirt (that I'll accessorize with PEARLS and a blazer) and know that I look great. Oh & if you're looking for Spanx and don't want to spend the $$$, Sara Blakely the creator of Spanx makes them just for Target under the brand name of ASSETS.

Tomorrow we'll talk about accessories, because that's what it's REALLY all about.
In the meanwhile, there's a site that I love because you can see some of the great outfits that others have put together (or you can put together yourself). It's called Polyvore. One of the things that I find the most interesting is how it really helps you to hone your color combinations/variations when putting together a wardrobe.

So, have fun, purge your closet and let's all become as Chic as the French.


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Great ideas! Can't wait to read more!

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