Thursday, May 6, 2010

My shoe fetish & Miz Mooz

There is a VERY special reason that I LOVE my shoes (and it goes beyond the fact that I've gained a little weight and HATE getting undressed to try on clothes unless I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO). Those who've followed my story understand - to my new readers - I'll give you a shortened version of my story.

1. 10 years ago I had an accident involving stairs, a frozen frappuccino and a train (well, the train really had nothing to do with the story except that I was going down the stairs to get to the train).

2. Rushed to the hospital and put in an ugly brace, in pain but thinking everything would be fine

3. SEVEN knee surgeries later - told that I may never walk normally again (and most likely end up in a wheelchair)

4. They made me where SNEAKERS with a LIFT on the inside & outside along with a leg brace and I had to walk using either a walker or forearm crutches.

5. Did you see what I said about the sneakers? Oh and only ONE was like that and the other was normal (if you can call wearing ugly sneaker normal)

6. When I was asked the ONE thing that I wanted to goal was to wear sexy shoes. Not WALK mind you - but, wear sexy shoes. 

7. I'm a rebel (and a former dancer/dance teacher) - so I knew that I didn't have to believe what they said.

8. 10 years of physical therapy and my dance background together & I walk without a brace, crutches, etc.

9. I own more shoes than anyone should be allowed to - but, now you know WHY.

Still, I prefer to find a balance between SEXY and comfortable (my knee is still a hot mess - I just stretched my Achilles PERMANENTLY and build up the muscles surrounding the knee).

My Miz Mooz Quinn peep toes in RED (also available in yellow, green, black and tan) are just that. HOT - SEXY and YES comfortable. First of all - the leather is soft and supple. Something you don't often find in a shoe this style. Secondly - can you see the back of the heel in the picture? Yes that's a little strip of elastic, making the FIT PERFECT. For me it meant that I didn't have to walk around in these trying to break them in before wearing them out. I actually wore them to an event in New York last week with a gorgeous Calvin Klein dress. The shoes made the whole outfit. I usually dress in black, white, gray or navy and rely on my accessories to provide the color and these Miz Mooz in RED did just that. They provided color, style and COMFORT all in one.

If you've never had a pair of Miz Mooz on your feet - you'll be in for a delightful surprise. They offer styles from flats to heels, as well as boots and sandals. They offer a large selection of Miz Mooz online at Infinity Shoes and if you need to TRY on before you buy - they carry quite a few styles of Miz Mooz at Nordstrom.

For those of you on a budget - you'll be happy to know that Miz Mooz shoes are quite affordable (I know you saw the word "Nordstrom" and figured that they were $$$$$). My Quinn's are priced under $100 and I even found Miz Mooz sandals starting at under $30 at Infinity Shoes.

Even if you DON'T have a shoe fetish like I do - there's nothing that makes an outfit come together than the RIGHT pair of shoes (or in this case Miz Mooz).

Thank you to Miz Mooz Shoes for providing me with a pair of Quinn's for this review. My feet thank you as well. I was  not compensated for this post and as you can guess, all opinions are strictly  my own.


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