Saturday, March 13, 2010

Show me the money.....

It's been a lazy Saturday. I was up fairly early, but had one of those days when I stay in  my "comfy clothes" until about 3:00PM. At that point I figured that it was time to get up and dressed for the day after which,  I immediately came back to do a little web surfing. Saturday's are fun for exploring new sites, visiting my favorites, etc.

I was visiting a site when I saw this little widget showing how much it was worth. Curiosity had me clicking through and plugging in Champagne Living. Well, to my surprise this is the result -

Which made me also plug in my other site The Review Broads, which come to find out is worth -

Making my net worth for the 2 sites $599,722.64.

Seeing that figure I am faced with a few questions.

First - WHAT?????
Second - Um, isn't 84, 80 or 64 cents a pretty RANDOM number?
Third - Do you know anyone interested in purchasing a couple of sites?

Thanks for the laugh, it's always nice to know that I have a few dollars stashed away! Oh and if you're out surfing the web looking for some fun new blogs - check out Happy Camper Disaster . Susan's got a great take on life in an RV with her 3 kids (oh and that's where I found the  "my Site is Worth" widget).


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