Saturday, March 13, 2010

As I was surfing the Internet...

..and thinking about Mother's Day, I somehow (well, not REALLY somehow - I actually typed the URL in) ended up at The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. OK, so I saw them checking out Champagne Living and although I've heard their radio ads and knew a bit about the company, I figured that if they could check ME out, that I could check them out....which lead to me thinking about Mother's Day and how one of these Teddies would make a great gift for my Mother In Law. I have to say, that I'm SO impressed with this company.

It's sad to see her in a nursing home now. I got to thinking that a Teddy Bear would be a gift that she'd treasure, because if I send her Godiva Chocolates (like I just did for her birthday), once their eaten - they're forgotten. She's there because of difficulties with her memory, so things like cards and gifts that she KEEPS make a HUGE difference in reminding her that we love her, even when we're not around (there's a 1700 mile distance between us).

For LESS than that box of chocolates that I sent (including shipping), I think that I'll send her one of these Mother's Day bears with it's arms open wide (ready for a HUGE HUG).


I made my way to their "Pride" section and it was so refreshing to see a company who's NOT AFRAID to market to the LGBT community. I actually have a wedding to buy a gift for VERY soon and (I hope she's not reading this), but I'll be buying the Bride-Bride Wedding Set as a gift to commemorate their special day (oh and congratulations on your engagement Shana and Renita). Also, check out their Bears with Attitude, I think you'll find them VERY entertaining.

You need to know that this was NOT a sponsored post, nobody sent me anything to write it. It was just one of those things that happens when you go poking around online and find something that impresses you.


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