Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Learned from - a Mohel

Here at Champagne Living, we're continuing with the "Things I Learned From..." series. This next one is is one that I can relate to.

Things I learned from a MOHEL (or Moyel)

For those who have NO IDEA what a Mohel is - it is a person (sometimes a doctor or a Rabbi) who performs Jewish Circumcisions (known as a Brit Milah or Bris).

Rich from Louder Than Words is our contributor today.....

I just happened to be at a bris yesterday, and so the profession was top of mind. That said, I learned the following things at the bris of my own son several years ago:

1) How to put people at ease in a stressful situation:

a. Give people tasks
b. Tell jokes
c. Distract with one hand while working with the other.

2) How to work for tips (sorry, I just had to go there).

I'm quite serious about #1 though!

You can follow Rich on twitter at @communicategood
Rich also blogs at Communicate Good. where he blogs about communications, doing good in the world and the intersection of the two. Rich is also the founder of  Louder Than Words a boutique PR and communications company.

If you have something that you've learned from an unusual or interesting source or something that's interesting that you learned from any source and would like to contribute - click on the e-mail link on the sidebar and send it on over. If we run your "Things I Learned From..." post, we'll include links your name and links to your site.


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