Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Every time I turn on the television I see an ad for yet ANOTHER car insurance company that states how  much I can save over my CURRENT insurance. My husband keeps asking why I don't call. I should...but, I've been procrastinating. Then I realized, that there are many ways that can save me money.

Here are 8 Tips for saving $$ on auto insurance:

1. Ask your friends if they like their auto insurance companies (Facebook is one good way)

2. What are your needs? Answer a few questions and find out:

3. Do you really need towing coverage? You may already have it from an auto club or credit card. Why pay twice?

4. Drive safely. Speeding tickets and fender benders only increase your auto insurance costs.

5. Mind the insurance gap. Gaps in coverage have been correlated with a higher risk of accidents, one of the factors that helps determine your rate.

6. Pay your non-auto insurance bills on time. One important rating factor, applicable in some states, is the credit-based insurance score. Statistics show that folks who pay their bills on time are generally better drivers.

7. Look for ways to save. Factors that may lower your rate include:

       * Factory-installed safety equipment (air bags, automatic seat belts, etc.)
       * Factory-installed anti-theft devices (car alarms, anti-theft devices, etc.)
       * Additional anti-theft equipment (certified car tracking systems)
       * Good students in certain age groups

8, Customize your coverage; no 2 people are alike. Buying a home, graduating from college, getting married, or you're just not sure that you have the plan exactly right for you? Esurance's Coverage Counselor tool can help you figure it all out:


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