Friday, February 5, 2010

Tatutina - happy painted gifts for a happy lifestyle

Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good is SO important for a Champagne Living life. I'm not talking about the kind of stuff that's "keeping up with the Jones'", rather I'm talking about things that put a SMILE on your face. For me, it  means old Japanese tin toys, primary colors, books that feed the heart, etc.

I fell in love with Tatutina's line of whimsically painted products IMMEDIATELY, and KNEW that I had to have something from their collection in my house. In some ways their line reminds me of the artist/author Sark (the artist/proponent of succulent wild living). Being that I LOVE color (especially primary colors), Tatutina's items fit in PERFECTLY with my life.

I was sent this über cool Pet Treat Box to adorn my kitchen counter and delight Clem. OK, well maybe Clem doesn't "get" the wonderfulness of the colors, but as you can see he DOES get the fact that his cookies are hidden deep within this box and for him that's quite enough. No,he doesn't realize that this is his Valentine's Day gift, but I get a chuckle each time I reach in to give him a goodie (which HE LIKES). Um, I'm thinking that he DOES understand the importance of this fun piece of art, as he seems to be getting MORE treats than usual.

Tatutina creates painted art products that would look GREAT in any nursery or child's room. PLUS, they can personalize your boxes - for a GREAT gift. The prices seem quite low to me, with boxes for your Take-Out Menus starting at $24 and cute wooden letters at $6.00.

For Valentine's Day, Baby Gifts, a Child's Nursery, or just a GIFT FOR YOURSELF...check out Tatutina's fun "happy painted gifts, for a happy lifestyle."

Thank you to Chic Execs and Tatutina for providing Clem and I with a Pet Treat Box for this review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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