Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girls do make passes at boys who wear glasses (Glasses USA)

Both my husband and I wear eyeglasses (although I go back and forth between glasses and contact lenses depending upon my mood). I've always considered them MORE than just a vehicle by which I can SEE CLEARLY, but also as a fashion accessory, owning different colors and styles to match particular outfit styles.

For example, I have simple black frames, brown tortoise shell frames and FUNKY teal and brown ones that are the newest rage. Hubby also likes to have frames to match his moods and since getting his new prescription had only one pair of regular prescription glasses and and second pair of prescription sunglasses. So, when I was approached by Glasses USA (the company that lets you order your glasses ONLINE) for a review, I bowed out of getting a 4th pair for myself and let HIM choose a pair.

He's been wanting a pair of either traditional horn rimmed eyeglass frames or something with a vintage look for a WHILE now. We spent time in LOTS of eyeglass shops, but when he'd find something that fit the bill, the cost would generally be in the $300 range (which is a LOT for a SECOND pair of glasses). He was thrilled (and a bit SHOCKED) to find these retro-cool Noah Gray frames at for only $37.95.

That's right - $37.95 INCLUDING the LENSES!!!

Ordering them was easy. I simply transferred the information from his eyeglass prescription into the order form and his glasses arrived VERY QUICKLY (actually they came quicker than his last pair that he ordered at a large eyeglass chain).

Mr. S claims that the actual glasses were ground MUCH BETTER than the one's he got at the store (meaning he can see a LOT better).

The only thing I'm unhappy about - is that Mr. S won't MODEL them for you. So, I've had to take pictures of the glasses just sitting on the table. He's ALWAYS hated having his picture taken, so I'm not at all surprised.

What do I like about them? You can pay with PayPal (making it easy), the prices are LOW, LOW, LOW - starting at only $18 (in sync with the Champagne Living lifestyle), the styles are cutting edge (we love the retro frames that they carry), and they carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee - replace or refund (so I don't have to worry if the glasses what I expected). Subscribe to their e-mail updates and you'll get $5.00 off of your first pair of glasses.

Whether you want to save money on your glasses, or like me, you like the idea of having an eyeglass wardrobe, GlassesUSA is the ONLINE source that you DON'T want to miss.

Thank you to for providing us with a pair of prescription eyeglasses for this review. I was in no way compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly  my own.


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John Andrews said...

Great post Zippy. I'm on a steep learning curve as my vision is geeting worse. Thanks for the insights (pun intended).


Zippy said...

Oh John, it's called AGING. First it's the readers, then the bifocals or trifocals. I don't even want to think of what's NEXT. But, you're too young to have to worry about that yet.

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