Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm "DIG"-GING Dog is Good

If you follow Champagne Living you know that Clem (Clemenza) is the resident canine who RULES the mansion. Not a drop of food goes into ANYONE's mouth around this place without getting the "LOOK" from our favorite miniature bull-terrier. We are a long term, long time dog family. Years ago when we were faced with replacing the furniture that our Old English Sheepdog's had ruined, we came to the conclusion that the dogs were MUCH more important than the furniture and decided that another pooch was in order.

Even though I LOVE my mini-bullie, you won't NORMALLY see me out wearing one of those tacky breed t-shirts or anything similar. They just aren't my style.

BUT when I saw these DELICIOUS looking T's from Dog Is Good (DIG), made of that fabulous ultra soft pima cotton (you know...the kind that's nice and thin like tissue paper), I HAD to have one. MY DIG T-Shirt (on sale for $15.99) is a take-off on that FASHION company with a "D" and a "G" and is created in that same HIGH style, with a tongue in cheek manner. You might have seen it recently on Dancing with the Stars or back in 2008 at the Emmy Awards. I have the electric blue one, which is GORGEOUS with a pair of tight fitting jeans. This rhinestone studded shirt is both silly and sophisticated at the same time.

I was also sent the silver foil accented Know Dog T, which has beautiful tight fitting arms that are long enough to be funky and light enough to wear year round.

With apparel and gifts ranging from under $2.00 and up, ANY dog lover will be able to find something that tickles their fancy.

Remember - "It's all fun and games until SOMEONE ends up in a cone!"

These t-shirts will make a GREAT Valentine's Day gift for the dog lover in your life as well as anyone with a sharp sense of humor. Like I said...I DIG these T's!

Dog is Good products can be purchased in their online store and at Pet Boutiques nationwide.

Thank you to Dog is Good and Chic Execs for providing me with products for my review. I was in no way compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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