Monday, February 22, 2010

Get Hollywood Hair in 3 Steps

Hat hair got you down? Are you looking for a few quick tips to get that sexy hollywood look that you'll be seeing on the Red Carpet?

Celebrity stylist David Cotteblanche of the Red Market Salon in New York has some simple ideas that ANYONE can do to add instant glamour to their hair.

1. Take a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, grab large sections of your hair, wrap around outside of barrel away from your face.  Add hairspray, flip your head, and you're done.

  *The heat from the curling iron will make your hair shinier and the big curls will give you that sexy mane look.

2. High twisted bun. Flip your head, create a twisted high ponytail close to the crown of your head. Stand back up and twist your hair into a bun. Don't slick it, but rather leave it loose and sexy (to show off your neck). Spray the entire thing with hairspray and secure with bobby pins.

3. A slick-backed ponytail is always a great look. Flat iron the ends and smooth back. Apply gel before brushing your hair back (slick) and secure with a ponytail holder. Rub some gel into your hands (like you would with hand lotion) and run your hands over your head to secure down an flyaway hairs.

  * You can also slick a little gel onto your ponytail end

Thanks to David Cotteblanche of Red Market Salon for these GREAT Celebrity hair tricks! If you're in NYC and want a FABULOUS new style, Red Market Salon is located in the MeatPacking District (West Village) at 32 Gaansevoort St. 212-929-9600


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