Monday, February 22, 2010

Genesis Today - rewarding fans

I'm a HUGE fan of the Genesis Today juices. So, I got VERY excited when I learned that they were coming out with a line of pudding and yogurt with their VERY special, healthy ingredients.

Now, I enjoy pudding cups that are FILLED with Dark Chocolate and Acai or just Dark Chocolate (hey, as long as it has chocolate I'm a FAN). I haven't tried the yogurt yet, because my local WalMart hasn't gotten them in, but as soon as they do you can be SURE that I'll be stocking up on them as well.

Genesis Today has a very special REWARD for customers JUST FOR TRYING OUT THESE products, as well as their new Kiwi Cleanse Yogurt Smoothie (which is also DELISH). The giveaway begins on February 22, 2010.

Over the next six weeks, they will be giving away 300 gift cards to customers who take a picture of themselves eating their new pudding, yogurt, or Kiwi Cleanse Yogurt Smoothie. 

The first 100 to post a picture eating either flavor of pudding – Dark Chocolate Acai or Dark Chocolate Cacao – will receive a $10 Visa gift card.

The first 100 to post a picture eating any of the three yogurt flavors – Strawberry Goji, Blueberry Acai, or Pomegranate Resveratrol – will receive a $10 Visa gift card. 

The first 100 to post a picture drinking the Kiwi Cleanse Yogurt Smoothie will receive a $10 Visa gift card.

The contest will run for six weeks, but they are encouraging you to post your picture as soon as you have an opportunity.  Promotion participants are limited to receiving one gift card during the promotion period.

Please remember that in order for your picture to be eligible, you must post the photo on your Twitter page with the #genesistoday hash mark. 

Full contest rules can be found HERE!


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