Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Reservations - where will Tony be this week?

No Peeking. I'm going to give you a couple of clues and it's up to YOU to figure out WHERE Tony will be in this Monday's episode of "No Reservations". OKAY - Are you ready?

  1. PORK
  2. BEER
  3. Sausages
  4. Fried Cheese Sandwiches with mayo
  5. Um PORK (again)

What do you mean you give up?

Well, I guess that I have no choice but to tell you that Tony will be in Prague this week and YES, there's more to Prague than just pork. For example - BEER. Did you know that the people of Prague drink MORE beer person than in any other country? BY A LOT! I'm guessing they don't really care for light beer either.

The show begins with a little history less about the Czech Republic (including Communism's affect on the cuisine). There may not be a real variety of foods, but as Tony found out..."Czech cuisine may not be known for its endless variety and diversity, but that doesn't mean you can't eat really, really well here."

I heard that there will be plenty of dining on some of the traditional foods including, "spreadable stinky cheese", pig tail, and marinated beef in beer.Oh yeah, and they WILL be washing it down with BEER. See how that list I made kind of pulls this all together?

So, "If anything goes with good beer, as anyone who's ever been to an institution of higher learning knows, it's more beer."  Of course that means Tony will be visiting a brewery 2 hours outside of Prague to meet with travel writer, and beer nerd, Evan Rail. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but wait until you see what happens to Evan (OUCH).

Next up, a meeting with David Cerny, who's art pieces have offended somebody along the way. Tony and David find they have something in common: they're both an enemy of the state of Romania! I hear that David's NOT TOO FOND of ANYTHING and he's actually grumpier than Tony (is that at all possible???).

One thing that I can NEVER get enough of are those street food segments that they do, and this one is going to be outstanding.  Getting back to my list (above) and here's where you'll find those sausages and fried cheese sandwiches with mayo.  "The drunker you are, the more you are gonna love this." Yeah, I'd have to agree with that statement - even WITHOUT tasting them.

Since the official food of Prague seems to be pork, Tony will head to the outskirts of Prague for a little more pig. He'll be having everything from blood sausages, head cheese, goulash, blood soup. One of the chefs actually stuffs sausages by hand, without any type of machinery or tools. I hear that it's pretty amazing.

Be sure to tune-in Monday, February 1st, and 10 PM. Oh and don't try to call, e-mail or even TALK to me, because I'll be glued to the set. Gee, I wonder if I should make a nice marinated pork tenderloin for dinner?


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