Saturday, January 30, 2010

I just took the Neosporin Lip Health 3-Day Challenge...

...and frankly I happen to think my lips are pretty kissable.

Most people think that it's just the folks that live in the COLD Northern States that have to deal with rough, cracked dry lips all winter. You'd better think again, because we in the South have to put up with flaking, dry lips all year round. The sun, constant chlorine from swimming pools, salt at the beach does a number on our kissables.

Neosporin has the antedote! They've developed a 2-stage plan to make your lips (and mine too) look visibly smoother in only 3 days.

So, I took the challenge to see if this stuff really works.

I started out with fairly dry lips. Mine weren't as bad as they could have been, but they were a bit on the dry side (UGH - I hate how my lips have thinned as I've gotten older). I have to preface this whole challenge by letting you (and Neosporin) know that I usually HATE these things. I WON'T use chapstick or any other products like this. They usually do just the OPPOSITE of what they claim. I'd normally slather the same moisturizer that I use on my face on my lips and then put my lipstick on.

Each day, before I went out, I applied the daily hydration therapy with SPF 20. I NEED the sun protection year round, so this is a great little tube to carry around in my purse ALL of the time. I wasn't sure if I needed to reapply it, but I did anyway, each time I felt that my lips were feeling dry. I like the fact that this was a lightweight product and it contains no parabins or flavors. It absorbed quickly (although I tended to be a bit heavy handed because it gave my lips a nice gloss).
  • A patented combination of antioxidants and essential lipids
  • SPF 20 to protect against sunburn
  • Peptide and emollients to help strengthen lips
  • Glycerin to attract and retain lip moisture
  • Lightweight formula absorbs quickly
  • No parabens or other preservatives
  • No artificial flavors

Then, each of the 3 days before bed I used the overnight renewal therapy. This lip product was a lot HEAVIER than the daytime therapy. It felt so soft and emollient. I don't know if you can see how shiny my lips look, but they just felt so GOOD after I put the Neosporin Lip Health on.

  • A patented combination of antioxidants and essential lipids
  • Peptide and emollients to help strengthen lips
  • Vitamins and moisturizers to repair and nourish as you sleep
  • Occlusive formula designed to hydrate lips overnight
  • No parabens or other preservatives
  • No artificial flavors
.There was a definite improvement in the way my lips look and feel after the 3-days. They're softer and there aren't any pieces of dead skin that I sometimes find.

So, you want to know how I really feel about the new Neosporin Lip Health?

I love it and Neosporin deserves a big KISS for coming out with a product that will give you KISSABLE lips in only 3 Days.

If you'd like to try Neosporin Lip Health products, they're offering a coupon on their website.
"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Neosporin and received a sample of the Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy to facilitate my review and a $20 thank-you gift certificate."


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