Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Genesis Today - I'm going to Austin

 I can't contain my excitement any longer. As you know, I've been really trying to get  a grip on losing weight, exercising and living a healthier lifestyle. It's slow going - with me taking 2 steps forward and 1 back. I've learned not to beat myself up over it and accept that this is part of how I do things. One of the things that I've been VERY consistent about is drinking Genesis Today's SuperFruit juices.

I've been concentrating on drinking the Resveratrol as well as the Acai Berry juices. Why? Well, there is a history of heart problems in my family and this past year my doctor told me that I have left ventricular hypertrophy and that I really need to be vigilant about my heart health (add to that the high cholesterol that I've had since I was a child) and I figure that taking care of my heart is #1 on my to-do list. What the Resveratrol Juice does is give me all of the BENEFITS of drinking a glass of red wine, without the alcohol. It's an EASY way to make sure that I'm protecting my ticker as well as getting the added B12, C, etc. in my diet.

The Acai Berry juice is to help me keep my energy high while I diet. Yes, lately you can find Acai in all sorts of places, but the Genesis Today Acai Berry juice has 24,000 mg of Acai - so I don't need to be drinking GALLONS of it.

Between the two, I'm excited to see what kinds of changes happen. I'm going to be keeping track of what my doctor has to say as well.

I've got some exciting news as well - from January 27 - 29 I'll be visiting the home of Genesis Today - Austin, TX - to meet with Dr. Lindsey and learn MORE about what I can do to booster my health nutritionally.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with a man who has developed so many of these great products.

I'd love to be able to bring with me any questions that YOU MIGHT HAVE, since we'll be having an open Q&A session. If there's anything that you'd like to know about what you can do nutritionally to improve your life...please leave the questions below in the comment section. I'll be choosing some of the questions and ask them of Dr. Lindsey while I'm there.

About Dr. Lindsey -

Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN opened his small nutritional clinic in 1988 in Santa Monica, California. He quickly became one of the foremost practitioners of Naturopathy in the country, even helping victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the Ukraine.  Dr. Lindsey client list included celebrities, athletes, musicians, models and politicians, all of them waiting between 12 – 18 months for an appointment.  As successful as this clinic became, he could still consult with only a single person at a time. 
True to his mission, Dr. Lindsey sought a way where he could offer his expertise to as many people as he could. With this objective in mind, he created Genesis Today. With over 40,000 clinical hours behind every product, he can now share his health knowledge to millions of people every day. You might know some of the people he’s counseled, who include Heisman winner Tony Dorsett and fashion icon Marc Jacobs. 

Thank you to Collective Bias and Genesis Today for providing such a wonderful opportunity for me. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.


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