Tuesday, January 12, 2010

eShakti - custom clothes at discount prices

I love dresses. The problem is that I'm short (barely over 5') and I'm a few pounds overweight. I just look better in separates, but I've been trying my hardest to find dresses that are flattering without making me look like an Oompa Loompa in drag (wait, I have short hair - forget the drag part).

Anyway, I know that I can wear empire waist dresses (thankfully they're back in style) and wrap dresses, but I always LONG for those long lean one's that come down to the floor. Unfortunately they D-R-A-G (there's that word again) on the floor when I try them and show off every bump and bulge on my body.

eShakti had offered me anything that I wanted in their extensive online catalog of clothing to review.  I ooohed and aaaahed over coats and skirts, tops and slacks. But what I really wanted was a dress. I of course chose the most innappropriate one in their catalog and ordered it. What was I thinking?

What I liked about the ordering process is that I had the option of ordering a "regular" size or giving my measurements for a custom fit. Once again, I was DUMB and ordered a regular size, only giving them my height. So, I ordered the dress that you see pictured on the upper left. It's a beautiful dress for a woman who's about 5'10" with no fat on her body. The style is classic and reminds me of something that you'd see worn in Palm Beach with one of those beautiful straw hats (that I wear)....on someone TALL. The quality of the garment is quite nice. The fabric is 100% cotton.

I could have sent it back and asked them to replace it, but this was totally my fault. Here's what I did instead. I FOLDED that black section in half and cinched the waistline with a black belt with a beautiful silver buckle....and it's PERFECT. I got the LOOK that I wanted, I just had to adapt it a bit for my size.

OK, back to eShakti - here's what I found.

If you've got a minute and want to browse, eShakti really has something for everyone. That being said, there were LOTS of items that my grandmother would wear and styles that run the gamut from classic to over the top. Just make sure that anytime you order clothes online that you know what looks good on you IN ADVANCE.

Since I really liked the quality of the dress, the ease of ordering and the speed with which they sent my order, I'm actually going back to look over their online catalog again and order something a little more practical (this time on MY dime).

Thank you to eShakti  for providing the dress for this review. I was in no way paid or compensated for my opinion.


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