Monday, January 4, 2010

Faux Wall Fun - Home Decals

For the past few years, the master bedroom at the Mansion has been without a headboard. The reason? I have beautiful antique tiger maple bedroom furniture, but we use the bed (headboard and foot-board) in one of the guest bedrooms as it is only a full sized frame. The bed in the master is a King and I've had a difficult time trying to find the perfect headboard that would mesh with the unusual wood as well as the classic pineapple design.

I've finally decided that instead of a headboard, that I need either some artwork or photos over the bed.

My living room wall has a collection of photographs as well as an antique sterling mirror that my grandmother brought with her when she arrived in the US. I was thinking that I would do something similar in the bedroom.

Graphique de France sent me these VERY cool wall stickers called FRAMED that are a collection of sticker frames that adhere to the wall. In an odd "color form" way they remind me of my living room collection, only with that tongue in cheek feel that these faux products have.


Putting them up was very easy. They truly just peel off of the paper and stick to the wall. Just make certain that the wall is CLEAN! I did find that my "eye" was off when I first put them up and repositioning them was easy. By the way, I needed to use a level to make sure that they were straight, otherwise I found the frames were sloping downward.

MY NEW HEADBOARD thanks to Graphique de France

For a mere $19.95 you can create the look that you want. I've also begun putting up a chandelier over my desk (hey it's the Mansion - every office needs a chandelier). I've only put half of it up so far, because I need to drag the ladder into the office to finish it. The entire chandelier measures 45 3/4" tall and 35 1/2" wide, so the size is VERY large.

I'm having MORE fun with these than you can imagine. They don't "hurt" the walls. I've taken them down & put them back up in different spots in the house and they leave NOTHING behind on the wall. So for renters who don't want to put a lot of holes in the walls, these are a fun alternative.

They're FUN, FUNKY and FAUX and I want MORE. Next I'm looking to purchase the Eiffel Tower for a side wall in the office, so that I can feel like I'm in Paris EVERY day. Plus there is a great trompe l'oeil set of Sweet Treats for the kitchen and a Kid's Collection of stickers for young one's as well as a Back to School Collection of stickers that any teenager would love.

If you're looking for a little change on your walls that is FUN, Home Decals by Graphique de France delivers. Next I'm rearranging the furniture.


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