Saturday, November 7, 2009

Country Inns Women's Retreat - my week ahead

As you probably know, I'll be leaving Tuesday to spend time with friends that I have not seen in a very long time. Country Inn & Suites in Long Island City is providing me with two days of doing those things that I really don't get the opportunity to do very often.

The mansion is a wonderful place, as is South Florida, but it's just not New York. So, I'm meeting a girlfriend who lives in RI in the city and we'll be staying at this FABULOUS new Country Inn & Suites that OVERLOOKS Manhattan. I like the idea of staying just outside of the noise of the city. Especially when it's just minutes from Times Square by subway.

Why a Women's Retreat? Think about ALL THAT WE DO. Sometimes I think that I'm permanently attached to my computer and my Treo. When I'm not online here at Champagne Living or The Review Broads, I'm doing just what all of you do. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking the dog out, running errands, etc. IT NEVER ENDS.

It's SO IMPORTANT to STOP once in a while. And THAT'S what this retreat is all about. I've made a resolution to NOT check my e-mail 10 times a day, stay offline long enough to have fun and have a great time just being with friends. Of course my NY plans also involve some FUN things for the blog as I'll be attending the Blogger's Brunch, an event being sponsored by Flo TV and a back of the scenes tour of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. I can't WAIT to tell you all about it.

I'll be hanging out with Wendy of Sweetie's Sweeps (haven't seen her since May) and one of my dear friends Sandy (who's mom has been dating my dad for 20 years). You may know her as Broad "S" on The Review Broads.

I'll have a LOT to share with you when I get back. In the meantime, think about taking a little break for yourself once in a while. Even if it's ONE night away, with someone ELSE making your breakfast (yes, Country Inns & Suites include a FREE breakfast).

Ready to have a little girl time ~


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Victoria said...

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL time! can't wait to read all about it when you get back :)

kalea_kane said...

Oh you are going to have such a great time! I cannot wait to here about your tour of the Good Housekeeping Institute!

kalea_kane said...

ooops "hear" but really read. :)

Zippy said...

I'll keep you all "posted" I've also got some more exciting NY news for Thursday..... Wishing I could pack up all of my readers & take them with me. What a GIRL'S GETAWAY that would be.

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