Thursday, April 16, 2009

You've got HOW many people coming to the GALA?

Wait....I thought it was supposed to be an intimate dinner party, how did this become the Gala event of the season? I know you're trying to live rich, but you've invited 133 people. Oh Paige coming alone AGAIN and thinking that's she's going to work the room until every guy over the age of 92 offer's to take her out and buy her something "nice." Not to gossip, but Paige's idea of "nice" just looks GAUDY to me. She thinks the 10kts on her pinky is understated...(there are just some people who don't understand the term elegant).

Well, the staff had better be prepared this time. Just send them to BJ's Wholesale Club. OMG - you're NOT A MEMBER? Wait, you belong to the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and not BJ's? Well, since you're my BFF - I'll let you use my little secret....a FREE 60 DAY PASS (after that - you're on your own).

It's a good thing that you'll be planning this fete soon, because the FREE 60 day Pass has to be activated by July 6, 2009.


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