Thursday, April 16, 2009

I found a way to get EVERYTHING on COOK'S list.

It seems that EVERY time I send one of "the help" to the grocery store to shop, COOK complains that they forgot something on the list. The trips to the grocer were happening on a DAILY basis, until we found List2Shop.

List2Shop is a FREE grocery shopping list service that helps you organize your weekly shopping trips.
  • Its free and easy to use.
  • Search your shopping list items or select them from common categories.
  • It automatically organizes your shopping list by store.
  • Create and save a list of your favorite products and stores. Use this list to save your valuable time.
  • Can't find a product or a store in their existing lists? Simply create it and add it to your personalized list.
  • You can add ETHNIC foods by the name that YOU know best!
Now you can have a shopping checklist handy every time you went to a grocery store or a mall! Best of all it's FREE....NOW THAT'S living the good life for LESS!


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Barterbabe said...

Now that is something that I need. I will be checking into this ASAP. Thanks for the info.

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