Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your rich uncle might owe you $ for your castle.

A friend of mine called yesterday, because she's looking to buy her "good life" home. She figured that right now is a GREAT time to be purchasing a house because of the combination of the prices going so low that you can hear them hit the pavement and the fact that the government has given money to various counties, banks, etc. in order to loosen things up a bit. Right here in St. Lucie county, Florida they are getting 13 MILLION dollars to try to help with the foreclosure crisis.

This post is actually for those who already own their homes and have taken advantage of the FHA and HUD programs that were offered in the past. I was looking at the website this morning and noticed in very small print that there was a link to -

If you currently have a HUD mortgage - do yourself a favor (it will only take a minute) and check it out. All you need is your name or case number and you can search the database to see if you are due a refund. A minute of work might reap some rich rewards!


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Anonymous said...

Zippy you are great! I always look forward to your new post they are always so nice!

Zippy said...

Thank you so much. I try my best and hopefully every now and then something useful comes out.

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