Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This girl's not next door anymore and she's living the good life.

Do I dare admit that I was a closet "Girls's Next Door" fan? There's just something about peaking into the lives of people who live the good life that makes me become voyeuristic. Well, if you haven't heard - the girls' all moved out of Hef's mansion and are pursuing their own projects.

Bridget Marquardt always wanted to go into TV and broadcasting and guess what? She has, with The Tavel Channel's newest show - Bridget's Sexiest Beaches! Here's what you can expect from the PREMIERE, where Bridget gets to go down under.

Australia takes Bridget up the south east coast from the sophisticated city of Sydney, to the Gold Coast, and to the sand swept islands off Noosa. The Land Down Under is truly a magical place with plenty of unique and exciting adventures for all types of interests.

Highlights include a front row seat at the Manly Beach Surf Lifesaving Carnival competition, camel rides, sand tobogganing, and playing a bikini-clad meter maid for a day at Surfers Paradise.

Bridget's going to be blogging along with doing her show, so we'll be able to get the REAL 411 on what it was like.

Also, The Travel Channel site will have really fun information that coincides with each episode, such as Bridget’s beach Tips & Assets, a Beachwear Cabana section discussing what she wore on each episode, message boards, photos and Travel Guides from each episode.

I'm reserving my opinion until I see the entire episode (I've only seen the clip above so far). I figure that checking out the best beaches is probably a good thing, but we'll see.

Oh & you can catch Bridget's Sexiest Beaches tomorrow Thursday, March 12 at 10:00 PM.


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