Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movie Madness -

I figured that I'd give you a quick "heads up" as I just heard that Poptimal has some advanced screening passes available in various cities. So, put down that glass of Louis Roederer and wipe that baked brie from your chin and see if there are any available near YOU.

The Watchmen
Thousand Oaks, CA (June 5, 2009)

I Love You Man
Erie, PA | Salt Lake City, UT | Denver, Co | Westminister, CO | Edina, MN | Kalamazoo, MI | Syracuse, NY | Sandy, UT | Buffalo, NY | Albany, NY | Arvada, CO | Canton, MI | Gran Rapids, MI

The Great Buck Howard
Portland, OR | San Francisco, CA (IMAX) | Denver, CO

Sunshine Cleaning
Edina, MN

Knowing (Nicholas Cage)
West Palm Beach, FL | Tampa, FL | Jacksonville, FL

Oh and you might want to go out for a bite after the film. Don't forget that there are some great deals for dinner out. Go ahead and live the good life!


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