Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review: ReFresh 'n Dryer Towel - Where's my housekeeper?

When the housekeeper's on vacation and the maid's stealing a minute by herself, it is I who have to do the laundry. AND - it seems like I have to do the laundry DAILY. I can't figure it out, since there are only two of us living in this house. BUT - I found something that actually cuts down on the amount of laundry that I (ahem, I mean the housekeeper), has to wash.

I was sent a Refresh 'n Dryer Towel from Bangalla (these are the same people who make those cool Tucker Bags that I LOVE) to try out. Here's the deal. I guess that I've been washing clothes that REALLY don't need washing because they just look a little wrinkled and worn (well, maybe that's because I was wearing them - THAT'S THE PROBLEM).

What the Refresh 'n Dryer Towel does is to clean and freshen previously worn, slightly dirty, odorized, lifeless, wrinkled clothing into ready to put on looking great clothes without the need for washing. Talk about GOING GREEN. I can save $$$ on water PLUS I won't wear out my clothes from all of that detergent that I normally use.

The secret is in the weave pattern that allows your clothes to be professionally steamed to remove bacteria, odors, dirt and wrinkles. So, you get great looking clothes - oh and the best part - it takes about 15 minutes to do them. So, you can QUICKLY refresh your outfit for a night out (when you've TOTALLY forgotten to do it and you've got to get going).

The towel can be used about 25 times and you can easily do a few pieces of clothing at a time. Oh and it's SO SOFT, so I'm thinking that after it loses it's effectiveness that I'll give it to the housekeeper for dusting the antique collections.

Bangalla has really created an innovative product here that will not only help you go GREEN, but save you money as well. Your housekeeper is going to LOVE it!!! LOL


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