Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dining in with restaurant recipes.

This is a first for me, it's usually "cook" who handles all of the dining in at the mansion. Although on her day off I'll take over in the kitchen (what's with all of "cook's" day's off lately?????). When I have to prepare dinner I like to make things nice & easy (because when cook's got the day off, so does the housekeeper...LOL).

I would much rather dine out on these nights, but there are days when I get all comfy in my La Perla chemise, with a glass of wine and a light dinner. Here are some recipes from quick food spots that you may already visit.

  • Panera Bread - With options like Cinammon Raisin French Toast and Asiago Bagel Breakfast Bake, Sunday brunch is going to be WICKED (add a Mimosa and I'm ready to go).

  • Olive Garden - I'm embarassed to say that I've never been to an Olive Garden, I much prefer "real" Italian restaurants vs. chains. BUT - Their Venetian Apricot Chicken looks GOOD.

  • Bistro Benoit - WHAT? You didn't think that they were going to give away any of their secrets did you? Just doing a little wishful thinking.......

Bon appétit


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