Sunday, March 8, 2009

Champagne Living's Cocktail Hour

It's ALWAYS happy hour here at the mansion (no alcohol required). But every once in a while I want to leave all of this luxury behind and meet my friends for a drink, some conversation, and all of that stuff.

Going out for happy hour (or attitude adjustment hour) is a great way to enjoy your evening and really spend less than you would if you went out for dinner. Many restaurants or clubs (Martini bars, etc) now offer reduced prices on drinks or 2for1 specials if you arrive early in the evening. Add the FREE hors d'oeuvres and you have dinner and an evening of socializing for under $10.

I know of a place nearby that actually puts out a small buffet for cocktail hour. Check the weekend section of your local paper to see what's doing in your area. You may find a place that even has live entertainment.

HOT TIP: If you go to the same place every week, you'll get to know the bartender. You may find yourself with FREE or discounted drinks in front of you every once in a while.

Oh & it's a good idea to have "James" pick you up in the drinking & driving allowed!


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