Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The feminine side

As you well know, I have a penchant for surfing the web (as well as newspapers, magazines and books), looking for information and products to help live the rich life for less. Usually I know just what I'm looking for, whether it be a fabulous house that costs a little nothing, Manolo Blahnik's for under $50, free dinner out, or a vacation that costs less than staying home.

I can't remember "how" I came upon this cute blog. It is written by a woman name DUNI, who finds her inspiration in fabrics and makes absolutely lovely purses. Her blog is appropriately named Lovely Purses and it is so feminine that just reading it makes me feel like a little girl again. It's all pink and flowers and sweetness. But, you know me...I couldn't stop there. I needed to FIND SOMETHING.

I linked through to Duni's site where she sells these beautiful bags, as well as the other items that she makes, and FELL IN LOVE with what looks like a VERY elegant cosmetic bag called the Luxus Lady. Go ahead & look at it carefully, the detail that Duni puts into these bags in AMAZING.

She definitely has a PASSION for fabrics and creating the most beautiful, feminine and lovely purses. The exchange rate (EU to $) has been getting better & better. I'm going to keep watching the numbers and when it makes sense, I'll be buying one of these.


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foamfan said...

A great blog; the sleep masks at her site, also look amazing.

Zipporah said...

You know, living in Florida we seem to get these "guests" flying in right around Jan-Feb (LOL) and I could just see leaving these on the nightstand next to the bed in the guest room. If only the international shipping weren't so high....sigh.

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