Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dance Like No One is Watching

Living Artfully seems to come natural to some. There are days when life flows just as it should and others that seem painfully awkward. When I was young, my life was my canvas. It was easy to live with that creative passion, because I believed that this is what life was. No one told me any different and so I became my dreams.

During my "middle years" life was consumed by family and a sense of order that seemed to squelch any chance of that life I remembered. It was what I chose and I wouldn't have given it up for anything. But now, now I am at an age when I should be able to recapture that grace. My son is living on his own, trying to live with his artist inside, although I think that in some ways he struggles more than I did. So, I have the time to recreate myself. To open my life up to living fully, to dance like no one is watching.

Champagne Living is a piece of that journey and I wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for being a part of it.


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