Sunday, September 21, 2008

WELCOME Big taste ~ little wallet

Like most people, I enjoy living the good life. Also, like most people (at least most people in my social circle), I have a little wallet. So, how does one go about living the good life, attending theatre, wear designer clothes, dine out in fine restaurants and live above one's means, without breaking the bank?

Well, this is an art form that I've seemed to be able to perfect. I get to go to the movies (for $0), either before they're released, or on opening weekends. I dine out in some of the finest restaurants & never pay more than half (although I usually go for free). I have a beautiful wardrobe (and if I lost some of this excess would be even better) that I've paid a mere pittance for.

I've had experiences that are absolutely amazing all FREE. For example, I attended the "Sex in the City" premiere in NY and hob-knobbed with the likes of Katie Couric, Regis Philbin and Jennifer Hudson. I was a guest at the 132rd running of the Kentucky Derby (with a box on the finish line of course) and spent time in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain tasting Sherry and living the good life. The best part? It didn't cost me a cent.

What I'm hoping to do is introduce you to the various methods that I use to live this glorious life.
All with very little money.

So, stay tuned as I introduce you to
Champagne Living.


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