Monday, September 22, 2008

ENTERTAINMENT Let's go to the movies - Advanced Screenings (part 1)

So, you really want to see that blockbuster movie that's coming out next week, but paying $20+ for two tickets just isn't in the budget? Well, movie studios offer free screenings to movies just to get the buzz out. You see, if you see "The Dark Knight" and love'll talk about it. Then all of those people that you told how wonderful the movie was will want to go see it too.

There are a whole slew of ways to get these tickets. Of course, you could sit by the radio with phone in hand, waiting for your favorite DJ to play that song (but, you'll have to be the 43rd caller & you know how that goes). I have a MUCH easier way to get those precious tickets....

Go check out and see if they have something in YOUR neighborhood. It's very easy to do. Just sign up and do a search based either on the flick that you want to see, or on the area where you live. It will be much easier to find screenings in big cities, so those in the 'burbs may not find any at their neighborhood theaters.

You can also check out They're still in beta mode, but they seem to have a few flicks available.

Almost all screenings happen on weekday evenings. I have found that at least 80% of them are on Tuesdays or Thursdays (at 7:00 pm showings).

So, go see those movies at the same time the movie reviews critics do....BEFORE they're released


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