Monday, February 21, 2011

The French rental - real or a hoax?

There has been quite a bit of buzz lately about this new French Rent a Girlfriend site that has been passed around from one online user to the next. So much so, that over 500 women actually signed up to be RENTAL girlfriends the first day it went live, and not surprisingly over 5,000 men signed up to pay for the service. The first month brought 180,000 hits to this site.

Touted as a girlfriend rental (and NOT a protitution or escort site), gives men in France the option of renting a date for an important event or even an hourly rate for a coffee house date.

 The man behind loue une petite amie, has owned and operated the largest rental and leasing website in France. He contends that this is a service like any other (no sex involved).  Interestingly, French law is rather vague on this whole issue (pimping is illegal, prostitution is not).

The question it a hoax or not? The website's creator is now saying that it was simply a marketing ploy to create a fun classified ad site.

I'm thinking that we women need a girlfriend site as well. I read so many emails, message board updates, and tweets saying that the only friends that some people have are online. In 2011 it seems that it is much more difficult to meet new friends. Wouldn't it be fun to have a site where one could meet a wonderful new friend, in REAL life?

That's a "loue une petite amie" I can get behind (rental fees would be to cover the cost of the website...a one time fee).


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