Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diamonds and being a savvy bargain hunter

We all just love it when we can get a good deal on whatever we are in the market for at that moment. Buying diamonds or diamond jewelry for less thrills us even more since the mere purchasing of such an exquisite stone is also filled with emotion. Of course prior to buying any diamond jewelry you should really know exactly what you are looking at and know the right questions to ask, otherwise the great deal you thought you have gotten, really isn't one at all.

Let's talk about the Carat Total Weight, or CTW; keep in mind that most stores do not list the ctw of the rings main stone separately when it has other smaller ones lined up next to it, it's all wrapped up in one listing. As an example: a ring with several smaller stones adding up to 1.5 carat has not the same value as a single stone with the same weight. Hence, a tip to the wise, not only know the weight of the ring in its entirety, ask for the weight of the main diamond as well and let them put it in writing. This will make it easier for you to compare and shop around, making certain that you are buying diamonds for less. Also, another thing that many of us may not be aware of is that more often than not, the cwt is rounded up, making for example a .70 into a ¾ carat. The retailer also never educates you on the fact that buying diamonds is similar as to purchasing a brand-new car. Once you leave the retailer, your diamond is only worth half as much. This can be very disappointing since you are making such a significant purchase, but with plenty of insight and understanding of how this business rolls, and being an educated shopper it is indeed possible to buy diamond jewelry for less.


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