Monday, January 10, 2011

Cinzia Readers because I love to read

I have worn glasses or contacts for most of my life, but a couple of years ago I realized that when I wear my contacts I need to add reading glasses in order to read or even use the computer. I actually LIKE glasses. They're a part of my fashion statement, so why should I buy readers that don't have the "look" that I really like?

Cinzia Designs makes readers that are fashionable and trendy - just what I WANT in a pair of glasses. Let me rephrase that - Cinzia Designs makes so many HOT looking readers, that I want different ones for each outfit that I have. Designed by Cynthia Shapiro the collections of Trendies and Cinzia Designs emulate the high fashion frames that I've been wanting, but didn't want to spend the money for.

For my first pair I opted to get a more traditional looking tortoise frame in Nonchalant from the Trendies collection. Check out how great they look on...

What I love about Cinzia Designs collections is that they offer a flair of sophistication and daring at the same time. Want a look that's traditional? The Nonchalant's like I got fit that bill. Looking for something cutting edge? The new laser-cut metal frames might be JUST what you're looking for. I LOVE the two toned looks of Frost 1 (check out the rust/peach combination).

Next on my list...I'm getting some of Cinzia Designs reader sunglasses. I read a lot. As one of the broads on The Review Broads, I ALWAYS have a book to enjoy, but I NEED a pair of reader sunglasses, so that I can enjoy my books on the beach. Cinzia's "New Hollywood" collection have that retro look, with a distinctly modern twist (I can get that Liz Taylor look and have it look "in").

Take a look at Cinzia's Collection of readers and sunglasses...and check out their eyewear necklaces while you're there. If you, or someone you know wear readers, you're sure to find  pair to fit "YOUR" style. Want to try on a pair for yourself? Check out the LOCATIONS where you can buy these great glasses or you can order them direct from Cinzia's website.

I received a pair of readers to facilitate this review. All opinions are strictly my own.


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