Monday, December 6, 2010

Think Summer this Winter

Smart shoppers like you and I know that by shopping off-season you can get the BEST deals. While Ski gear costs a fortune in January and February, bathing suits and outdoor supplies can be had at a very DEEP bargain. While you're out shopping for your holiday gifts, don't forget to stock up on things that you might need next July and save, save, save.

Here are 11 ways to find GREAT DEALS NOW on warm weather products, while the kids are outside making snowmen.

1. Do you love to garden or spend time in the backyard during summer? Now is a great time to shop for products like lawn mowers, patio furniture and outdoor grills. You might even be lucky enough to find them for half price.

2. Most people will get their air conditioning units repaired just before the hot summer months begin. You’ll definitely save money by having someone do maintenance during the winter to make sure it’s still running fine from the previous summer.. air conditioning repair people tend to raise their rates when the weather gets hot. Take advantage of their "down time" by calling in January for your tune-up.

3. Prices drop on cute  little convertibles during the winter because demand is low. Check out a websites where you can pick up the remaining 10 months on someone else’s convertible. You’ll avoid the down payment and be out of the contract by next October.

4. Are your kids going to summer camp this year? Make those arrangements now for big savings. You'll find that some camp prices are 1/3 off the regular price depending on where you’ll be sending your children.

5. Remember to shop for classic clothes for the summer months and you’ll enjoy significant savings. Trendy fashions will be OUT of style by next year, but classics will ALWAYS look great. Do some research on which sundress styles that were "in" last summer and you’ll find great bargains.

6.  Hate shopping? Why not have someone do it for you. With sites like  to shop for you, you'll have your OWN shopper without spending a fortune. It can be a life saver filled with bargains for those in a time pinch over the holidays.

7.  Don't forget to hit the coupon sites like and before you hit the stores!

8.  Vacations can be less if you book now, rather than wait until the last minute. If you don’t have a lot of flexibility in your summer vacation schedule, book that late July cruise today and you’ll see a major savings over prices for the same cruise come May.

9.  Planning for a late spring, early summer wedding? Make sure to buy your champagne right after the New Year’s celebrations rather than wait for spring to arrive. You’ll find deep discounts from retailers looking to shed excess inventory from the holidays and it will keep just fine.

10.  Bathing suit prices drive me NUTS! The expense for that itty, bitty bikini just doesn't seem right.Look to websites like, which offers a variety of the latest bikini styles at a very affordable price.

11.  Are you more of the adventurous type when looking for bargains?  You can check out, the Latin American version of eBay. The seasons are switched so if you understand Spanish – or if you have a friend that does – you can find plenty of hot, summer items during spring when their season comes to a close.


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