Friday, December 31, 2010

A healthier New Year

It seems that with the ringing in of the New Year, that there are a lot of people around me who are not feeling up to par. The cold season has hit with a vengeance.

There is NO CURE FOR THE COMMON COLD, but there are ways to keep your immune system healthy to help your body fight it by loading up on healthy foods and making certain to wash your hands. I keep Genesis Today's Vitamin C chews  (with plenty of zinc & echinacea) available and make sure to drink plenty of Genesis Today Omega Orange and Cranberry Goji for EXTRA Vitamin C.

Here are some ESSENTIALS for keeping healthy this cold & flu season...

Zinc. Zinc is an important mineral that supports immune health. Zinc taken before the first signs of a cold or flu may reduce your chances of getting stuck inside with the sniffles. Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest sources of zinc, but one of the best ways to get your zinc is through a health chew that contains this mineral.

Echinacea. Echinacea purpurea may be a mouthful, but this powerful herb can help reduce your risk of catching a cold or flu when taken regularly during cold and flu season. Try taking echinacea for a few weeks then taking a week off and starting it back up again. Add vitamin C and zinc to the mix and you’ll have a triple threat against colds and flu.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps your body fight free radicals and helps support a healthy immune system.

B-vitamins. Boost your intake of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins not only help reduce stress which can wreak havoc on your immune system, B-vitamins actually support healthy immune function. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) enhances your body’s immune response and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) helps your body build antibodies to fight infection.

Steam. Take a steamy shower, or hold your head above a steaming pot of water to relieve congestion. Steam is soothing and helps open up blocked sinuses so you can breathe a little easier. If you want to make the steam even more therapeutic: add a little eucalyptus or tea tree oil to a boiling pot of water and breathe in every 1-2 minutes for about 10 minutes.

Garlic. The Italians may be on to something. Garlic is naturally antiviral and contains a potent compound called allicin. Garlic helps fight viruses by destroying the virus cells before it enters your body.  By the way, I was just reading about allicin and weight loss in Time Ferris' new book The Four Hour Body. More to come on that LATER in the month.

Oil of Oregano. Oil of oregano contains carvacrol and thymol that are active polyphenols which attack viruses like the cold and flu. Before a cold hits, or at the first onset of a cold, take a few drops of oil of oregano on your tongue and hold it in your mouth for thirty seconds – it’s strong but works well. 

When it comes to colds and flu, prevention is always the best medicine. Wash your hands frequently and be sure to eat and drink lots of foods and beverages (especially superfruit juices like goji and acai) that contain immune-supporting vitamins and minerals such as your B-vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, as well as garlic, oil of oregano and the herb Echinacea. 

Tomorrow (New Year's Day) will find me drinking  Veggie Blast
-  with a dash of tabasco, a spoonful of horseradish and some salt & pepper....oh, and I almost forgot - a little vodka added too.

Right now there's a BOGO coupon available for Genesis Today products on their facebook page.  It's time to arm yourself so that you can live the Champagne Life rather than miss out on all of the fun while dealing with being sick, oh for that Bloody Mary you'll  need in the morning.
Thank you to Genesis Today for allowing me to be an ambassador. I was sent that big box of cold & flu products shown above, but I had actually some with my own money before they sent me, the opinions are ALL mine.


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