Monday, December 13, 2010

Eyejewels by Verseye

Did your grandmother wear her reading glasses on a cord around her neck? If the answer is yes...I want you to totally forget about that picture I just put into your head and think glamour, luxe, jewels, and high style. Now, can you picture your grandmother with THAT around her neck?

Probably not...

But, I'm betting that you can picture that around your OWN neck. Who doesn't want to be adorned in sterling silver with 18k gold accents, 18k with diamonds or even sterling silver for those jeans and t-shirt type days?

Isn't this PERFECT? It's so classic that it would go from casual to LBD.

EyeJewels by Verseye Inc. offers JUST THAT and MORE. I wear glasses...and I wear contact lenses. When I wear my contacts, I need to use reading glasses (and of course sunglasses when I'm driving or whenever I'm outside, especially here in Florida). When I wear my glasses, I need to bring prescription sunglasses with me. Digging in my HUGE handbag is an option that has proved ineffective. I'm sure you've done reach in for your sunglasses, only to pull out a tube of lipstick or your wallet. There are times it's like a search and rescue mission.

I totally see this on a simple black turtleneck.

I hadn't considered wearing them around my neck before, as pictures of my grandmother (with that CORD around her neck) kept popping in my head. That was until I received a the glamorous EyeJewels by Verseye. Not your grandmothers eye glass chains, Eyejewels are designed to perfectly complement not only your eyeglasses, but your fashion sense as well. Born of a collaboration between a jewelry manufacturer and a jewelry retailer these upscale chains come from people who really KNOW what women want in jewelry...only with a bit of FUNCTION included. Of course...I prefer to think of them as a fashion accessory.
OK, so I like posing like grandma

Personally, I don't think I look ANYTHING like my grandmother when I where my Eyejewels, and although I'm donning the simple sterling silver and blue ones, if there's anyone who'd like to buy be one covered in diamonds...I won't say NO!

I have this one & it's GREAT with a casual top and jeans...

There are currently three EyeJewel collections:
  • Classic Collection - with prices ranging from $130 - $220
  • Contemporary Collection - $150 - $230 price range
  • Couture Collection - ranging from $1900 - $7500
  • Coming Soon - a base metal collection with a much lower price point
I noticed that it was just as easy to wear this as a necklace WITHOUT my glasses as well, since there's a hook at the end of the chain making it easy to create a long necklace. The interesting part of the design is, that when you wear your EyeJewel as a necklace there's a spot built in to hang your glasses (great for those who switch from one pair to another).
    For more information, or to purchase these FABULOUS accessories contact:

    I received product to review, all opinions are my own.


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