Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 Classic ways to decorate for the holidays

1. Candles -  No matter WHAT the holiday, candles always set a festive mood. Don't limit yourself to the dining room table when using candles, remember the bathrooms, kitchen and of course the living room. If you're looking for MOOD, and don't care about scent - a quick trip to the dollar store should do the trick.

2. Greenery - Wreaths are traditional for Christmas, but don't think that you only need the front door to be green. Wreaths on the windows INSIDE the house, the mantle, living and dining room tables all need a touch of green. Why not add small wreaths to the kitchen cabinets, secured with big beautiful ribbon.

3. Bring the outdoors in - Fill clear glass bowls or vases with Autumn leaves, pine cones or pine needles/

4. Ornaments don't have to go on the tree - It's common to see colorful ornaments filling bowls on the table, but have you thought about hanging ornaments from your hall or dining room chandelier?

5. Holiday Flowers - Poinsettias and amaryllis don't have to be without a little sparkle. Why not set group a few together and weave garlands or white lights delicately around and through them?


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