Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shhhh....I've got the "in" on InStyles Ultimate Beauty Secrets

You should NEVER tell me ANYTHING in confidence. NEVER, EVER. Let me rephrase that - you should NEVER tell me anything in confidence that I think my friends (including my readers) or family can benefit from. Because when it comes to spreading gossip about how to live better - I've got the biggest mouth (and fastest typing fingers) in town.

InStyle: Ultimate Beauty Secrets is the newest (and may I say MOST COMPREHENSIVE) book regarding creating your OWN PERFECT LOOK I've read.  Chock-full of tips (218 in all) to keep you looking your absolute best whether you wear a lot of makeup of just toss on some lipstick before running out the door.

With inspiration from stars such as Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow andGwen Stefani , you'll get the 411 on what THEY do to keep looking paparazzi ready. Whether it's out to dinner, a red carpet affair or your upcoming holiday parties, learn the secrets of looking gorgeous all  night long.

My personal struggle has always been - How do I create that perfect classic smoky eye? Secret #102 showed me JUST how to get the look, including colors, proper brush technique and more.

Not only are there tips from celebrities, but makeup artists to the stars whisper their secrets within the pages of this beauty bible. Learn how to update your makeup according to the seasons, tricks to use what you already have in your makeup bag to multi-task (like the fact that an eyeliner brush might be a better way to apply concealer or that sometimes lipstick used as blush is best).

For tips on how to beat the winter doldrums by the editors of InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets: The Best Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts to Create Your Perfect Look check out my post from last week on Champagne Living.

InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets: is available at bookstores nationwide.

I received a copy for this book review, all opinions are strictly  my own.


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