Monday, November 29, 2010

Regrets - Update #1

Here are some of the FUN entries that we've received so far in the American Express Premium Return Protection giveaway that we're running. One lucky Champagne Living winner will receive

  • A $500 pre-paid American Express gift card
  • One year subscription to the Amex Premium Return Protection

You can read the full details on the NO MORE REGRETS post!

Some of our entries so far include:


"A hot pink tube top with sequins that cost $200. I'm a conservative dresser, a homebody, a pharmacist, but I saw it in the shop and imagined myself twirling and sparkling on a dance floor somewhere in this dressy tube top. Never happened. It hung in my closet for years, reminding me of the excessive amount of money I shelled out for an impulse buy/fantasy." - C.Y.

"I have a weakness for cute things. Sometimes this includes cute stuffed animals. The worst would have to be smiling whale with a smiling baby whale. What the? Mind you, I am in my late twenties!! I recently donated this, but for the longest time it just sat on the shelf collecting dust. " - P.G.

Scale Regret

Please note - I am choosing photos and stories to highlight at RANDOM. If you see your photo, video or story here it DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WON.

Winners will be chosen AFTER the contest closes on December 10.2010


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