Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Tips for beating the winter doldrums from InStyle

Next week I'll be bringing you MY take on the newest InStyle book InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets: The Best Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts to Create Your Perfect Look. Since a lot of you are dealing with changing weather and autumn and winter BLAHS, I thought that I'd bring you FIVE ways that the editors of this wonderful new beauty book want you to beat those winter blues.

1.       Supplement Your Skin Routine
If you have dry skin that is flakey, consider changing up your routine and washing your face with dandruff shampoo instead of your regular cleanser once a month; this reduces the yeast levels that cause scaly skin.

2.       Brighten Up
Refresh your complexion by dipping a washcloth in soy milk and resting it on your face for 10 minutes once a week. Soy is a skin brightener and contains phytoestrogen, a plant-derived estrogen that is thought to help prevent wrinkles.

3.       Stay Hydrated
Keep skin hydrated on cold nights with a make-it-yourself humidifier. Hang a wet towel from the doorknob overnight (wring out the edges to prevent drips); by morning, the towel will be dry but your skin won’t.

4.       Adjust Your Color
To make summer foundation work in winter, dab a little foundation on your hand, then squeeze a pea-size blob of SPF 30 on top and mix until the sunscreen blends completely with the foundation, lightening it by a shade or two.

5.       Moisturize Dry Lips
Lips extra dry? Combine 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon sugar to exfoliate them. Blend the two ingredients in your hand, then apply the mixture in a circular motion for 90 seconds before wiping off.

As promised - there will be MORE about this fabulous new Beauty BIBLE coming next week. If you're IMPATIENT - it is available for $22.95 both in stores and from


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Rachel Ferrucci said...

Zippy- Some day I'll be in Instyle and I hope you make me sound as great as all these products. Love the tip to adjust your color.

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