Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 tips for healthy eating when you're traveling.

Recently Nicole Hockin, author of the Travel Smart Blog, spoke with dietician Elisa Zied about healthy eating while traveling. Here are three easy tips to make it through the holiday season without going overboard even when you're vacationing, visiting or even at home.

1. Don’t abandon all your healthful habit: If you do, you’re destined to come back from your getaway feeling worse—the number on the scale will be up, your clothes will feel more tight, and instead of being motivated to get back into a mindfully healthy routine, you may end up seeking comfort by eating more than usual.

2. Find time for fitness: Even 10 minute bursts of activity help you burn calories and help your mind and body feel strong and fit. If you’re delayed at the airport, walk around while you wait.

3. Plan Ahead: Having healthy snacks on hand will provide you with ammunition to help you think twice before grabbing a candy bar or some other vending machine treat.

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For more great holiday travel tips check out spokesperson Nicole Hockins  blog  Travel Smart Blog


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