Friday, October 8, 2010

OMG - Awakening on SALE!

If you peer into my bathroom you'll see a lot of plastic bottles and jars all with the same brand name on them. While I review items that come across my desk, when it comes to PURCHASING I seem to go to those that I have counted on for the past couple of years.

One such brand is Awakening Skin Care. If you're a long time reader, you already know that both Mr. S and I (as well as "A" over on The Review Broads) always have a supply of MudFace, Hands and FaceandNeck on hand to help us look our best.

I wanted to give you the heads up that they're going to be having a 40% off sale soon, but I've got even BETTER news. Because I was just informed that you'll be able to get that discount RIGHT NOW (since Awakening loves us as much as we love them). So, instead of having to wait until 10/23 for the sale (like everyone else), readers of Champagne Living and The Review Broads can get a headstart!

Simply go to: Awakening Skin Care
Use CodeWOW2010TRB at checkout

The code expires on Halloween night (10/31) so, hurry and you can get my favorite skin care line for a whole lot less.

OK, off to call "A" and let her know. I know that she LOVES her FaceandNeck and has been asking me when it's going on sale.

P.S. - Don't tell Rob (head honcho at Awakening), but go ahead and share the code with your friends. I'm sure that they'll enjoy a little Champagne Living as well.


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Jen at Cash Back Stores said...

awesome news for everyone, thanks a lot

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