Friday, October 29, 2010

Loving the mouse - is Disney for adults


That's how many miles it is from "the mansion" to Walt Disney World. It's barely a 2 hour drive from my home sweet home to where the "magic" happens. So, why is it that the only time I get there is for conferences (like the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and The Travel Show)? I drive that far most weekends to get to Fort Lauderdale, but WDW seems a world away.

I've seen the ads on TV and in the newspapers. I've glanced at the "unofficial" guidebook to WDW for grown-ups, yet I STILL can't figure out how to be okay with spending the day at a theme park at the ripe age of 57. Maybe it's all in the marketing.

If I were looking for a girlfriend's getaway (which is my FAVORITE) way to travel, I'd probably be telling you that at WDW you can...

Travel the World - Epcot
Spend a day at a luxurious spa - OMG, you had NO IDEA that Disney has 3 FABULOUS spas?

Dine on wonderful foods -

Don't show me some Grannies walking around with Mouse ears Disney. Show me your deluxe hotels and villas, point me to the stores where I can buy wonderful things for my home (in the World Showcase Pavillions stores). Let me know that I can leave the property for a day to spend at the glamorous Mall of Millenia or save at the many outlet malls in the area.

I want to gasp at La Nouba and play a round at the 4 1/2 star Osprey Ridge Golf Course (ok, maybe I don't want to - but most of my friends would LOVE it).

Come on Disney, make me a convert. Maybe then you'll catch me strutting through the park in Disney Couture carrying a Princess Satchel by Dooney & Bourke.


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Naomi said...

I want to do this, too, but I think my kids would murder me…

Zippy said...

A total girlfriend's getaway. That's why I LOVE the Disney Social Media Moms. I fly solo!

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