Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog World Expo - images

I had the pleasure of spending a few WONDERFUL days at BlogWorld Expo, sponsored by Seagate's great GoFlex line of hard drives that are SO easy to use and do so much more than the traditional external hard drives at AMAZING prices. I'll fill you in on the details when I return from my trip to Chicago.

In the meantime, here are some photos taken by Sandy of Organize With Sandy (one of my roomies) of the Collective Bias team in ACTION (well...more like having fun) in Vegas. Whoever coined the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" certainly wasn't a blogger.

That's ME - teaching Beth Rosen of The Midlife Wife how to "CHECK IN TO WIN" on Whrrl. We gave away 25 GoFlex 500 GB ultra hard drives and LOTS of other great prizes as well.

Drew ( goes above and beyond and TAKES ONE FOR THE TEAM at the Hofbrauhause Collective Bias dinner.

That's yours truly along with Michelle McGraw from Scraps of my Geek Life.

Seriously, we need to eat. Waiting in line for dinner with Kas Reasoner (Southern Bella's Ways to Save), Jerra Nalley from the Collective Bias "home team", Melissa Garcia (the Consumer Queen herself), Katja Presnal (social media guru and pubisher of the Skimbaco franchise of sites), and ME again.

OK, so it wasn't all work. We did get to party with whrrl and Murphy USA.

Sandy (yes, someone turned the camera on HER) shows off her Murphy USA card. Check out Sandy's network of blogs at Organize with Sandy.

More to come soon!


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Victoria said...

Looks amazing!

Zippy said...

It was fun. I miss my own bed though. I spent a quick day at home before heading out to Butterball.

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