Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Waterpik turned my shower into a spa experience

I've been called a Spa Whore. I know that's not a flattering term (believe me), but as they used to say in the Catskills..."I resemble that remark." Take me on vacation, ask me to go on a cruise, or book me in a luxury hotel and those three letters S-P-A are like a magnet for me (hubby can't complain, he seems to have that same problem with the letters G-O-L-F).

When I'm home, I really miss that spa experience. My NORMAL day starts out with a quick shower, some Touch'd Sugar Scrub to exfoliate, and a hair wash/condition (Fekkai Glossing). Once out of the shower I dry and style my hair, use my Nu Skin Galvanic Spa to iron out the wrinkles on my face and syle, moisturize and get "made up." OK, so maybe I do spend a bit of time on myself, but after all of these years, I deserve it.

While I have a large Roman Soaking Tub, I was missing a shower head worthy of my spa obsession. That was until just last week. You see, I couldn't decide whether I wanted a rainshower type or a massage showerhead. What I got was....

Waterpik's Easy Select 5  - It gave me everything that I wanted in ONE unit.  It's got the large head like the rainshower models, but I can set it on circular massage, powerspray, full body spray, water saver and even has a mist setting (this is a great feature for cooling off on a hot day or for a sublime experience before bed). I love the fact that I don't have to reach up and try to find the spray selector as the water is hitting me in the face (so UN-spa like). The Easy Select 5 features the spray selector right ON THE HANDLE, so it's easy to get to.

Did I mention that this is hand held as well? PLUS, it's got OptiFLOW which creates up to 30% more water force (which means you can use less water).

Spray Modes
  • High/Low Concentrated Center Spray
  • Circular Massage
  • Power Spray / Pulsating Massage
  • Misting
  • Water Save

  • 5 " Round Shower Head
  • Advanced OptiFLOW Technology
  • Easy Clean Nozzles
  • Removable Flow Regulator
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
By the way...I installed it MYSELF (couldn't wait for Mr. S to get off of the golf course), so YES it's easy.

Waterpik Easy Select is available for purchase at Amazon.com and other retailers nationwide for under $60.

Thank you to MomSelect and Waterpik for providing me with a showerhead for this review. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.


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