Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally, a solution for my v-necks & low-cut dresses

No, I'm not talking about covering anything up here, I'm talking about SHOWING it off. Wait, are we talking about the same thing here? Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about my necklaces.

My dilemma. I am short and LOVE wearing scoop neck tops. Because of this, I tend to buy my necklaces in a 16" length, as they're much more flattering. HOWEVER, I also have a collection of v-neck t-shirts and lower cut dresses for evening and when I attempt to wear my favorite necklaces with them, they're just too short. Aside from buying NEW chains, it's been a dilemma for me.

Necklace Necessities has taken care of that problem. Not only that, but they've even solved that age-old problem of the clasp turning to the front (mine is usually found on the side of my neck rather than at the nape)

Maybe you're wearing a shirt that has a little higher neckline and you'd like your necklace to sit OUTSIDE (on top of ) the fabric, rather than hiding underneath your shirt. Necklace Necessities will also help your necklaces stay right where you want them. The ensemble of silvertone and goldtone extenders adjust your necklace from 3 1/2 to 6 inches and the nonadjustable "faux" pearl extender extends your pearl necklace by 4 inches! I have a beautiful set of pearls that I keep tucked away, because they're just not long enough for some of my outfits and this extender has taken my pearls OUT of my drawer and put them back on my neck where they belong.

I had a easy time attaching them to my  necklace clasps.  Simply hook them onto each end of your necklace and adjust them to the length that is PERFECT for your outfit. Just like your necklace, one end has a clasp and the other a jump ring. Simply secure the extender clasp to the jump ring on your necklace and vice versa.

Now when I buy a 16" necklace, I can wear it as low as 22" (making it much more versatile).

Necklace Necessities even come with a cute pink travel bag. For me this means bringing along LESS jewelry when I travel, as my necklaces can be adjusted using the extenders for double duty wearing.

My necklace extenders arrived with a trial size package of Necessities Secure Strips. These are clear double-sided adhesive strips that hold your necklace in place (I put it under the clasp), so that the clasp doesn't rotate forward (and show at the side or front of your neck).

I found that these work much better with costume jewelry vs. fine jewelry, as you can see the difference in the metals at the clasp. If you're wearing a collared shirt, it won't be noticeable at all. If however, you're wearing something with a low back, you might want to check to see that the color of the metal matches well.

I have products that I tend to use often, that I had NO IDEA I ever needed. These are one of those products (along with foot petals - that keep my heels from rubbing on the back of my shoes), that are a must now that I've found them.

Necklace Necessities are available at boutiques nationally or you can purchase the ensemble of three directly from their website for under $20 (great price point considering the money you'll save buying jewelry).

I was provided product for this review. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.


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