Monday, August 2, 2010

BlogHer Bound!

Like many of YOU, I'll be heading out this week bound for New York and BlogHer. While my schedule is both hectic and amazing, I have found  that it is worth the running around, the lack of sleep and otherwise CRAZY days of a conference/event.

I want to thank some of the people/companies who have really stepped up and decided that they want to be a part of the Champagne Living experience at BlogHer this year.

Chevrolet - Chevy has chosen me as one of their Road Trip Bloggers. I'll be traveling in style in a brand new Chevy, along with Lee and Paul of Coupledumb, two bloggers whom I have had the pleasure to spend time with in the past, and consider to be my friends.  The only problem that I foresee? How to survive the 1180.61 miles (that's what Mapquest says) while laughing, eating and trying to take potty breaks.

Shabby Apple - Ah, what more can I say about this fabulous dress company? They'll be outfitting me in STYLE, so that I always look my best for all of the tours, dinners and parties that I have scheduled. I can't WAIT to see the dresses (they haven't arrived yet). If you see me out and about - stop me to check out my fabulous wardrobe.

Freixenet - I will be co-hosting a very intimate party for about 20 social media influencers on Saturday night. OK, so it's a pajama party with a bunch of girlfriends who just HAPPEN to know there way around twitter, whrrl, FB and the blogosphere. Freixenet (pronounced fresh-eh-NET) is providing their wonderful Cava, so that we'll be able to dish the dirt in style with a little bubbly.  We'll be using the hashtag #freixenet on twitter.

My Readers - YOU...yes YOU. It is because of each and every one of you that I'm able to go to BlogHer'10. It has been your support for Champagne Living, as well as it's advertisers that have made it so that I can spent a couple of days learning and making connections in order to bring back the BEST INFORMATION about how to live the good life! THANK YOU 

Please don't forget, if you see me in the city - stop me and say HELLO.

Note: Champagne Living's posting schedule will be a little "rough" for the next week or so. I'm hoping to be able to get YOU in to some of these parties via photos, posts & maybe even a video - but with that Freixenet flowing, you never know.


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