Thursday, July 15, 2010

This little piggy had Spare Soles

I'm a high heel diva....that is for about an hour or two. I LOVE the way they look and hate the way that they feel. It's not JUST me though. When I was at the Sex and the City (first movie) after-party at the MoMA in NYC, I wore the most FABULOUS pair of heels. I had made it through standing in lobby at Radio City Music Hall, I was fine in my seat and actually made it through a couple of hours of the after-party when it happened. I started hobbling around and HAD to take off my heels.

Do you know who ELSE was hobbling on their heels? I saw Kim Cattrell limping out the door and I actually got to sit and talk with Jennifer Hudson, because her feet hurt so badly that she had to sit down (and the only seat in the place was at my little table for 2). If I only knew then what I know now....

Fast forward to the evo Conference. I had my great red Miz Mooz Quinn's on. They are the most comfortable heels that I've ever owned...but, I'm a klutz when it comes to dancing in heels, so they had to come OFF before I went onto the dance floor. This time I had a little TRICK up my sleeve, or should I my handbag.

I had a pair of Spare Soles.

I quickly whipped them out of my bag, took the spare ballet flats from inside their pouch, unrolled them and put them on. Ahhhhhh.....I was dancing the night away. AND - EVERYONE wanted to know about my Spare Soles, because we're pretty much all the same when it comes to heels. We love how they look, but boy do they hurt after a while.

The next day, I had the luxury of not having sore feet and I was ready to face another day of conference, fun and MORE dancing.

Spare Soles can be purchased at various locations including Kitson, Caesar's Palace and QVC - but the easiest way to grab a pair is in their online store. There you'll find everything from the basic black to leopard print. They even offer Spare Soles in flip-flops for those of us who LIVE in sandals and would rather have our feet OPEN while every one else's are closed and uncomfortable.

Spare Soles start at $17.50 a pair and go up to $25. I'll never go out in heels again, without a pair of these comfortable extra shoes tucked in my handbag.

Thank you to Spare Soles for providing me with product for this review. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.


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